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    HPV ? Can it be spread to other parts of your body besides the genital region?
    Can HPV be spread to other parts of your body other than the genitals? Such as if you give someone oral who has HPV can you get warts on or inside your mouth. Or if you caress someone with your hands can you get it on your hands?

    • ANSWER:
      yea warts are a part of HPV and you can spread them everywhere and reinfect yourself. The warts on your hand that spreaded to your genital is not consider genital warts though. I'm not sure how genital warts are spread but I would assume it only spread to genital only

    Can HPV be spread person to person just by going to get a bikini or brazilian wax?
    Can HPV be spread person to person just by going to get a bikini or brazilian wax? If the Esthetician saves the left over wax for re-use on someone else can HPV be spread that way? I have heard that it could not be spread because the heat from the wax would kill the virus... does anyone know if that's true? And... would a person who has HPV have to tell the Esthetician that he/she has it even if they always wear gloves?

    • ANSWER:
      doubt it babe

    Can HPV spread to other parts of the body?
    Say if you had a wart on your hand at one point and time, can it spread to other areas of the body like, the genital and anal area, even feet, etc? And if so can that be severe or is it easy to take care of the wart?

    • ANSWER:
      hpv doesnt spread like that...the warts one gets on the hands etc are not the same type as the genital warts,genital warts are STD's while the ones on ur hand are not.
      there are over 70 types of HPV viruses.the ones that cause genital warts are entirely different than those causing warts on hands and dont worry if u have a wart on your doesnt spread that way...

    How is HPV spread besides the obvious way?
    A friend of mine has it and we have shared drinks, lip gloss, toilet seats and stuff like that. Can I get it that way? I thought HPV was just some kind of cancer or something, but she says she has a few warts...
    What if she gives someone oral or they give it to her?
    What if she kisses someone?

    I can't really ask her this stuff without sounding like an inconsiderate a-hole...

    • ANSWER:
      No, you can't get it that way. hpv can spread the obvious way, having unprotected sex with a carrier. There's 100's of types. The cancerous kind(high-risk) and the warts(low-risk). It doesn't have to be in genital area because a wart on your hand or foot is also call a type of hpv. I'm not sure about her going down on someone w/ it....yuck

    can hpv be spread from not cleaning after touching bodily fluids or skin of an infected person?
    if a person had hpv and did not clean their hands after intercourse can hpv be spread to others and would it contaminate objects such as bathroom sink?

    • ANSWER:

    Does HPV spread from one part of the body to the eyes?
    I'm not sure if I have genital warts but I was examining the area in the shower and my eyes were itchy and I just let the water run on my fingers for a bit and I rubbed my eyes immediately with the same hand I used for examining myself. I didn't scrub my hand clean or even wash them vigorously. I think I have signs of warts and I'm afraid that I have spread it to my eyes. I quickly washed my eyes with water immediately bt I'm afraid it's already been infected.
    Also I just realised that I have a few papercuts on my hands and I had to wear contact lenses before goin out and I washed my hands (I somehow don't have the habit of scrubbing them tii often) and all bt I'm afraid that the virus in now in the cuts and may hav been transferred to my eyes through my lenses or something.
    Maybe I'm paranoid, but what are the chances of it being spread to the eye after examination and after wearing lenses?

    • ANSWER:
      There are hundreds of strands of HPV - all warts are caused by HPV, on any part of your body. But, each strand is site specific. So, genital HPV can only be spread to other genitals, not to the eye. There's a completely different type of skin around your eye, so genital HPV just couldn't survive there.

      (Exception to this rule: sometimes, under some conditions, some HPV on the genitals can cause warts underneath the fingernails, although this is rare).

    How long does it take for HPV to spread once you initially come in contact with it.?
    I have asked this a few times, but have not received the answer I am looking for. I came into sexual contact with a person, and I believe this is where I got the virus. Shortly after (1-2 weeks) I had intercourse with a different person. Months later, my first outbreak showed up. My question is, could the person that I had intercourse with, get HPV even though I was only exposed to the virus for a few months.

    • ANSWER:

    Can hpv be spread in a swimming pool?
    I have hpv and have plans next week to go to a water-themed park with pools, slides and all that. I'm wondering if hpv can be spread through water cos I don't want to put other ppl at risk like that?

    • ANSWER:
      A poorly or non-chlorinated pool could possibly cause concern, but not a theme-park that would have a most likely overly-chlorinated water system with advanced filtration equipment etc..

      You should be fine.

    Can HPV be spread through self tounching/masturbation?
    Can HPV be spread by one person touching them self/masturbating. Can it cause warts/bumps to get bigger or spread?

    • ANSWER:

    A White Girl I Know Has HPV and Is Spreading It To Blackmen?
    What should I do about this. The girl came cry one day at school after a doctors appointment on campus and told me and my friends that she had HPV. A few months later she was having sex with some black guy and told me she didn't use a condom because she was so drunk and stuff. She is a fast girl and from what I here use to be a prostitute her roommate had told me. She usually gos for black men. I don't know what to do should I call the police?

    • ANSWER:
      Do not call the police, because this is all based off of circumstantial hearsay. Did you actually see her test results and witness them having sex? Until that happens, it's all hearsay.

    Should I get the Gardasil If I am married?
    I am 22 and married, is the HPV virus only spread through sexual contact, or can I contract it in another way? Should I get the Gardasil shots? My mother died of endrometriosis 2 years ago.
    My husband has been my only sexual partner.
    My husband has been my only sexual partner.

    • ANSWER:
      I have not gotten the shot yet, but am considering it. I am 22 and married also. (same situation as you). My gyno still recommended that I get it. Not that it would ever happen, but he could cheat on you...or vice versa and you could get hpv. You have nothing to lose here. I have also read that people are trying to get the vaccination age reccomendations changed to a higher age. They only market towards younger people because research shows that more young people contract hpv than older people (because they are more sexually active) they have only researched the drugs effects mostly on the younger age group. But the benefits are the same for all age groups, married or not.

    Can you get hpv by sharing a toothbrush?
    I have hpv and somone used my toothbrush (by brushing their teeth) can they get hpv?
    But i thought its skin to skin? so what about when you brush your cheeks and gums, theres cells there right? so what if they stay on your tooth brush and go to the next person?

    • ANSWER:
      no it is a sexually transmitted disease which means you have to have sex to spread it.

      There are no known cases of HPV being spread any other way!the virus lives beneath the skin and likes to spread to other skin..clever thing viruses are!

how is hpv spread

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